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Jumeira Vittaveli


Located a short 20-minute ride on board a luxurious motorised catamaran from Malé, Jumeirah Vittaveli offers unmatched diversity, subtle luxury and personalised exploration, whether you are seeking a romantic getaway or an exotic destination for your family.

The resort comprises 89 villas and suites each with their own swimming pool and direct access to the beach or lagoon. The private and spacious villas are available with one or two bedrooms making them the ideal accommodation for both families and couples. Highlights are the free-standing Ocean Suites, located only a heartbeat away from the main island and accessible by complimentary boat service.

Beach Villa with Pool Sunrise

With breathtaking views, the Beach Villa with Pool Sunrise is an ideal sojourn for those on vacation. Surrounded by the tranquil waters of the sea and a sun-bathed private beach, this villa is restful, spacious and well-appointed.

Beach Villa with Pool Sunset

Enjoy the quiet calm of Maldivian beaches as you relax in the luxurious comfort of the Beach Villa with pool sunset. With sprawling interiors and a private beach, this villa redefines splendour.

Two Bedroom Beach Villa with Pool Sunrise

The Two Bedroom Beach Villa with Pool Sunrise is the perfect room for a family or a large group of friends on vacation. The interiors are beautifully decorated and ensure complete privacy. If you want direct access to the beach and a gorgeous view of the ocean, this villa will not disappoint you.

Two Bedroom Beach Villa Suite with Pool

Soak in the tranquility of the Maldivian beaches while you rest in the comforts of the beautifully-appointed Two Bedroom Beach Suite with Pool. This two-floor suite has an open terrace and includes an oversized private L-shaped lap pool.

Water Villa with Pool Sunrise

With a view of the enchanting, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, the Water Villa with Pool Sunrise is what dream holidays are made of. Access to an outdoor deck area and your own private infinity pool ensures complete relaxation. Make your holiday all about leisure and beautiful moments as you witness the sunrise everyday through the floor-to-ceiling glass doors while you relax in your villa.

Water Villa with Pool Sunset

With spacious air-conditioned interiors, the west-facing Water Villa with Pool Sunset is a complete Maldivian experience. Overlooking the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, this villa is perfect for enjoying those picture-perfect sunsets. That’s not all – the living room has a glass floor for you to witness the wonder of the aquatic universe, as you relax.

Private Ocean Retreat with Pool

If you are looking for some peace and calm or want to enjoy some romantic moments with your loved one, the Private Ocean Retreat with Pool is the perfect choice. A retreat in the truest sense, the two-storied villa is situated a heartbeat away from the main island. With a separate living room surrounded by panorama windows, outdoor terrace, infinity pool, availability of various in-house services, this is the perfect, idyllic hideaway.

Ocean Suite with Pool

Escape into your own private haven of pure opulence and relaxation with the Ocean Suite with Pool. This suite is built on the gentle waters of the lagoon, just minutes away from the island. This lavishly appointed suite not only provides private luxury but also ensures complete comfort. Soak in the true essence of Maldivian beauty as you gaze into the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean and settle into comfort.

Three Bedroom Royal Residence with Pool

If you want to make extraordinary memories with your family or friends, this Three Bedroom Royal Residence with Pool is your perfect sojourn. Peaceful, luxurious and comfortable, the royal residence is like home but just a little better. Equipped with every amenity and facility that one can ask for, we make you feel special. Whether with friends or family, enjoy lazy afternoons spent soaking in the Maldivian sun.

Five Bedroom Royal Residence with Pool

A grand experience awaits you at the Five Bedroom Royal Residence with Pool. Tucked away in a private space, located in the tranquil southern part of the island, we promise you a calm and beautiful getaway. Friends or family, watch the sun set in the horizon, where the clear waters of the Indian Ocean meet the sky. The luxurious rooms of the residence are not only opulent but also ooze comfort. With us, forget your worldly worries and escape into a Maldivian reverie.


Be inspired by Swarna with an entirely new tasting experience – even for the connoisseurs of Indian cuisine among our guests.


Delight and indulge your senses in our overwater restaurant, where every dish is an expression of the island's stunning landscapes.

MU Beach Bar and Grill

Experience something truly special at our MU Grill restaurant. We'll greet you the Maldivian way, welcoming you into our beachside dining room under the stars.


Dazzle your palate with light, contemporary meals served with elegance. Samsara offers an enticing mix of Asian and International dishes, all served in a dining space that spills out into paradise.

B4R Main Bar

Enjoy a lively lunch or soak up a sunset panorama over slow drinks at B4R in the Maldives. Our retro-chic bar's menu of signature cocktails offers the perfect vantage point for a refreshing or relaxing moment.

Romantic Dinner

Enjoy a luxury romantic dinner with an exquisite candlelit feast under the starry night skies.

Private Beach BBQ

Enjoy a sumptuous beach BBQ in the Maldives with your own personal chef and server.

Sunrise Breakfast

Experience the gorgeous colours of sunrise with a sumptuous international breakfast at your own beach.

Aqua Dinner

Feast on a gourmet fare specially crafted for you by the poolside.

Talise Spa

'Vittaveli' means - vastness of space and eternal light, words that perfectly describe the island.

Treatments at Talise Vittaveli are inspired by these elements of light and space. The ingredients used in the treatments are hand-harvested by local communities using traditional farming methods to ensure that the healing life energy held in all living things is honoured, and handed down to you through our unique products and treatments.

Explore a holistic approach to well-being in the lap of nature with signature treatments delivered by our expert spa therapists. Romantic spaces for couples offer intimate moments of true relaxation, while individual treatments are tailored to cater to what your health needs.